Annitah Raey packs and moves to Kampala to fulfil heart desires

Annitah wants to live carefree and on her own terms

Piece by: Brian Ndung'u

 • Annitah Raey says she will be touring Uganda, Rwanda and Kilifi.
 • The former radio  presenter wants to check off a few things in her bucket list.

packs her bags and moves to Uganda
Annitah Raey packs her bags and moves to Uganda
Image: courtesy

Seasoned media personality Annitah Raey has packed and is en route to our neighbouring country, Uganda.

According to Annitah, she made that decision because she is on a mission to a new life of doing what she wants instead of spending her life regretting not doing them. In fact, her mission is to check off a few things from her bucket list.

Announcing her major decisions on social media, Annitah wrote;

"Guess who packed her bags and is on a bus to Kampala. I have a list of things I wanna do.. So I wrote them down and decided to do them. Not because I have money because I don't wanna spend the rest of my life regretting never doing them."

The outspoken formerHot 96 presenter says contrary to spending the rest of her life chasing the bag and living by standards set by others, she is out to do what her heart wants.

This includes travelling the world, falling in love and even having more babies.

"I wanna travel, Go back to radio..Be myself without apologies. Fall in love drink my alcohol and dance in the rain and on top of pool tables. Am taking May to travel. Uganda, Rwanda, Kilifi then from there I can ask myself what next baby guurl. Heck I might just surprise you with a wedding or a child," she wrote.

Annitah held no prisoners when she alerted her fans that they might be seeing her with a few new faces saying they should mind their business because baby girl might be conducting some wedding interviews!

After quitting her Radio job years ago, Annitah decried mental health issues that came with the loss of her job. 

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