•Mungai  Eve is excited about adding weight

•She says, for a long time now she has been trying to get to 50kg

Mungai Eve
content creator Mungai Eve
Image: Courtesy

Kenya's YouTube content creator Mungai Eve celebrates her weight gain. She says she has always wanted to weigh 50kgs.

The YouTuber had a Q&A session with her fans where one of her fans asked her about her current weight.

In her response, the joyful content creator said she is finally 50kg from weighing 46kgs for a very long time. 

"Well, been 46 to 48 my entire life but recently I got to 50 and I am so happy, I have always wanted to get there," Eve responded to her fan.

However, other fans thought of her weight gain to be a result of pregnancy, even though Eve addressed the pregnancy rumour and said she is not pregnant and she is not ready for a child yet.

The pregnancy rumours were after Eve posted a cute photo of her in a pink outfit. The photo caused mixed reactions as her usual flat tummy appeared bigger. Fans speculated that it was a baby bump.

Other fans commented that she was from taking lunch and that is why her stomach appeared bigger.

Apparently, the pregnancy rumours started way back before she posted her photo that got netizens on their toes. 

Following her past posts, Mungai Eve was one time a victim of body shaming but now, she has grown a thick skin.

She was not bothered by what fans said about her body and his only comments were, "Sijapost picha uangalie, sio lazima uangalie. (I did not post, my photo for you, it is not a must you look at them)."

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