Michelle Ntalami brags about being raw and unapologetic

Ntalami encourages people to get to where she is at


•Michelle Ntalami has chosen to rise high above everything

•She says she has discovered herself and she is unapologetic

Michelle Ntalami
Image: Instagram

Everyone should fight to get themselves to a level of freedom, this is according to the award-winning entrepreneur Michelle Ntalami.

In her Instagram post, the drop-dead beauty behind Marini Naturals said she has reached a level in life where she is living in the purest and in a most natural state.

Michelle says she is now aware of when she should do certain things and when not to. In her new level of life, she has discovered her powers. She says it is scary but at the same time finds it beautiful.

In part of her post, the award-wining African entrepreneur wrote,

"BE RAW: I have reached the place in my life, where I am living in my purest and most natural state. Real, raw, unapologetic, and unadulterated. #swipe I know when to speak, I know when to be silent.

I know when to fight, I know when to fold. I know when to run, and I know when to rest. I embrace all parts of me because they are what make me, me; the wild, the tame, the sweet, the savage, the business, the pleasure, the feminine, the alpha.

I have realized my powers and it’s scary, yet so beautiful. My mind is powerful. My heart is pure. My language is truth. My energy is contagious."

Michelle Ntalami says she is grateful that she is where she prayed to be and advises fans to also rise high to her level, she says it is beautiful in the path she has chosen. 

"My moves are unorthodox. My aura is magnetic. These are the days I prayed for. I pray for everyone to attain this level of freedom in their life. It’s beautiful over here," Mitchelle Ntalami concluded.

Her Instagram followers reacted to this by saying that she has always been the queen of captions.

"I don't know if the word "gorgeous" would be enough to describe this, girl you're on fire The words, the affirmation the manifestation. Girl, you do amazing I love this for you," a fan commented.

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