Kate Actress
Kate Actress

Award-winning actress Catherine Kamau has elicited a lot of reactions after she revealed that she is working on losing weight using the gastric balloon procedure.

Gastric balloon non-evasive treatment option for obesity that together with a balanced diet and physical activity helps lose weight.

Weight loss for Kate will be rapid, with the majority typically occurring in the first four months of treatment that will last only 6 months.

According to Obesitycoverage.com, the treatment has many advantages and disadvantages as well.

Among them are :-

  • Acid reflux is common. 
  • Nausea and vomiting are very common during the first few days.
  • Vomiting after eating for the first few weeks is not uncommon.
  • It is temporary. How will you keep the weight off after the balloon is removed?
  • Stomach cramps are common.
  • Difficulty sleeping may occur. Sleep disturbances may be related to an uncomfortable stomach or acid reflux while laying down.
  • Acute pancreatitis is a rare risk from an overfilled saline balloon

Here are reactions from netizens.

Githiomi M. Simon: In most African cultures, plus size women were considered the most beautiful. Some of us still hold that view. Real men eat meat-not chewing bones

Dee Njuguna: Githiomi M. Simon stop sugar-coating it's not plus size it's obese and its unhealthy stop lying to women real men my ass just cos you wear a tie doesn't make you a real man

Flevian Avugwi: Githiomi M. Simon she is losing weight for herself, not for men

Linet Msibo: Siaendee uturuki aki..uko.naskia tu bora ukona pesa na shape unataka...ur there

Suzan Opole: Hawa ni pesa mingi inawasumbua.hamuoni watoi wamekwama na school fees za form 1 na ni needy bright...huuuh

Vinter Odoyo: Just a lot of discipline and you will make it

Ouma Janet: Slay Queens wameona hii now get ready to lose weight dada.

Sarah Gitua: If it works better, no need for surgery.

Victoria Gicuku: How can you lose wait kama unatoka gym then unaingia Pizza Inn.

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