• Harmonize has announced plans to venture into the tobacco business.

 • As of 2019, the tobacco market in Tanzania was worth $3.88 billion.

to venture into tobacco business
Hamonize planning to venture into tobacco business
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Tanzania music star, Rajab Abdul Kahali alias Harmonize has announced plans to venture into the tobacco business.

Harmonize announced this on his socials where he shared sample photos of his own cigarette brand that he intends to bring into the Tanzanian market.

Tobaccotactics reports that the tobacco market in the Bongo nation was worth $3.88 billion as of 2019, and it seems like Konde boy wants a big chunk of the cake.

He however is looking for some serious investors to make his 'Tembo cigarette' dream come true and he says the investor is at will to dictate the price which the product will be selling for.

"I need someone to put some serious investment, let's do this together there is no point of doing this alone I need big partnerships,"  Harmonize's post reads in part.

Harmonize says his dream is to have 'Tembo cigarette' source all the tobacco from local farmers and believes it can be a Tanzanian owned and run company.

#tembosigaret pure tobako linalo limwa hapa hapa tanzania..!!!! haya sasa matajiri changamkieni hiii sio mpaka waingie wachina sisi wenyewe tunaweza  bei mtajipangia wenyewe wanangu...!!!

(Pure tobacco that is locally sourced. To the rich make this happen we don't have to rely on Chinese investors we can do this ourselves you can set the price yourselves.)

Harmonize has since deleted the post but we have the screengrab. Check it out below.

plan to venture into tobacco business
Harmonize announces plan to venture into tobacco business

Harmonize is a known investor and has been praised for channelling his inner Jay Z, a rapper known for making major investments outside music.

Soon after he broke ties with his former mentor, Diamond Platnumz, Harmonize started his own record label, Konde music worldwide which he's used to mentoring young and exciting future superstars.

A few years back, Harmonize announced that he was setting up a series of food trucks and he even showed off a vehicle interior upholstery company.

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