Emotional Tedd Josiah celebrates daughter's new milestone

Legendary producer Tedd Josiah's daughter begins school

 • Josiah thanked his family members who've been with them throughout the entire journey.

• Wendo has transitioned from homeschooling to traditional schooling.

sharing happy moments with his daughter Wendo
Tedd Josiah sharing happy moments with his daughter Wendo
Image: courtesy

Another day another milestone for Tedd Josiah's clan as his daughter Jameela Wendo, starts her schooling journey today.

Like any other parent, Josiah who is popularly known as a dad-mom is over the moon following this new milestone and just like his fans, he can't believe how fast time has flown given that she was born just the other day. 

He describes how his adorable daughter who has transitioned from homeschooling to traditional schooling and is excited about her new journey, where she looks forward to friends and school activities.

Taking to his socials, Josiah wrote, BOOM!!! Just like that, they are out of our hands, wanting to see the world, looking forward to friends, swimming, school and other activities that don’t involve you!!! 💔💔💔💔 We’ve successfully transitioned from infant, baby, toddler, home school and now we are in a REAL SCHOOL!!!

Josiah thanked his family members who've been with them throughout the entire journey since she was born when her mom died while she was months old to now.

"Time flies. To all those aunties and uncles who’ve stood by us, prayed for us, and been with us through this journey this is your win as much as it is ours! Thank you," added Josiah.

The legendary music producer and entrepreneur recently called on single parents to always strive for true love from their potential partners for the sake of their children.

He went ahead to ask people to shun hitting on single parents in the name of 'testing waters' just to break their hearts.

He wrote, "Coming into a single parent's life to just "test the waters and see where it goes" that sh*t ain't healthy u can't introduce your child to every "water tester!!"

Josiah who was speaking on behalf of many ladies who choose to hold back on the issue called on single women to make sure the person they are seeing is first and foremost ordained by God and not put the need to be loved above everything else.

He wrote, "For single parents, relationships aren’t easy to start with new people cause you have to safeguard your child from a lot. Many ladies especially can’t speak up on this cause they are already being seen as social misfits because of their children.

Everyone needs love but as you search for love make sure it’s the right kind of love ordained by God so you don’t break up again and your child doesn’t grow up confused."

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