•Kenyan artist Avril says she never thought of releasing an album because her strength is in releasing singles

•She says that Covid gave her a chance to reboot and try other things in the music industry

Judith Nyambura Mwangi better known by her mononym Avril says that since she entered the music industry she never thought of doing an album.

According to Avril, doing an album is time-consuming and she has always loved doing something once as she moves on to a new thing or project.

The Kenyan singer and entrepreneur say her strength is in releasing singles. 

During her interview with Mungai Eve, the 'Nikimuona' hitmaker said the pandemic lull gave her a chance to reset and reboot, and that is when she decided to do an album.

"Honestly, I am not one of those artists who would ever think of doing an album, but Covid gave me a chance to reset and reboot. I have always loved releasing singles because love it when I work on one project, complete it and move to another, that is where my strength is," Avril said.

New album release
Avril New album release

Avril hypothesized that even though her strength is in releasing singles she finally got a chance to do all the songs she has always wanted to do.

"Doing the album I had to sit for a whole year just to create music. Though I am grateful for the fact that I got to sing all the songs I have always wanted to sing, I finally had the opportunity. I did not do it because the industry asked me to, I did it because I wanted to. That is what my heart wanted," Avril explained.

Avril says she has been in the music industry for more than 18 years and she gets to release a song only when she feels like it. Adding to that she thanked her fans for supporting her even though she does not do things constantly.

It was during her campus years that her musical talent grew, and her talent was spotted by Banda and Ogopa deejay’s producer.

Initially hesitant to join the music scene, Avril received encouragement at Ogopa Deejay’s where she worked on her vocals. She says she will always credit Ogopa deejays for that.

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