• Period tracking helps you learn about what is your “normal”

• The apps will use the data to tell you when you’ll most likely be ovulating

Technology: Phone with social media
Technology: Phone with social media

Girls, the main reason to track your period or your cycle is to know when your period is coming.

Some of us are so lucky that we can time our period to the hour, while unfortunately for others their period is unreliable.

 Knowing what your body does from month to month courtesy an app is important in order to help you to see when something isn’t quite right, plus if you need to book that gynae appointment asap.

You can log your period and use it to anticipate things like when your bleeding will typically begin.

Have you also been so emotional, thought about it then suddenly realized it's because your periods. You can note them down as your day goes by.

1. Menses come with a host of symptoms we need to understand like mood changes, acne, nipple soreness etc.

Noting down your moods and energy levels can help you to see patterns of how you feel at certain times in your cycle, so you can maximise your schedule around how you might be feeling.

2. It can help you understand your unique patterns, like if you are irregular.

3. It will increase your awareness of your overall health and wellness.

4. An app offers the option to track your energy levels.

5. These apps also have over 70 symptoms you can read about to understand your cycle. Symptoms like bloating, cramping, mood changes, and sleep quality are important to pinpoint details around your cycle.

6. There's a community of other people you can chat with about sexual and reproductive health issues.

7. You will also find quizzes, articles, and insights you can browse to learn more about your body.

8. You can track things like discharge, weight, sleep quality, and basal body temperature.

9. These apps use gender-inclusive language to ensure that it supports anyone who menstruates.

10. If you are looking to get pregnant, then you should absolutely be noting down when your periods are taking place. The apps will use the data to tell you when you’ll most likely be ovulating, giving you an indicator of your fertile days during the cycle.


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