•Amber Ray says she will have to give her baby girl love lessons so she would know when to stop loving

• She says not knowing when to stop loving has taken her through hardships. 

posing on her jeep
Amber Ray posing on her jeep
Image: Instagram

Socialite Amber Ray says she will have to give her daughter lessons on how to love but most importantly when to stop loving.

The mother of one says she was never taught how to stop loving, but only how to love people. 

Amber says she does not want her daughter to experience the pain she has had for loving people endlessly. 

"I will teach my daughter how to love, but most importantly how to stop. I was never taught how to stop ….. I had to learn that shit the hard way! #amberthebrand," Amber Ray wrote.

The socialite only has a son, and maybe hopes to give birth to a daughter one day. 

Amber Ray fans commented on her post saying they are waiting for the baby girl. To some, this was a hint that she could be getting a baby soon or has baby fever. 

"Pregnancy loading baby number 2 gal-dem welcome to the world," fan commented.

Even though Amber talks about what she will teach her daughter, early last year she insinuated that she does not want to have another baby.

This was after a fan asked her when she was going to have a baby girl. In her Response she said,

"This is something people have been bugging me about...tunataka mtoto msichana (we want a baby girl) but it is God's timing and for me. It i's kinda like I have phobia ya kupata mtoto saa hizi (i have a phobia of getting a baby now)." 

She mentioned that she underwent so much stress during delivery and that is why she was not thinking of adding another baby.

Time has passed now and seems Amber is ready to have a baby girl and give her the lessons she was never given.

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