• Bensoul's baby mama says the baby has helped her become the best version of herself, and vowed to always be there for her baby.
• She says her connection to her unborn child has grown tremendously. 

Tiffany Muikamba
Bensoul's baby mama Tiffany Muikamba
Image: Saidi Abdalla

Bensoul's baby mama, Tiffany Muikamba says she was anxious and 'scared of the unknown' when she learnt she was expecting the singer's child.

5 months later, the beauty says she has since become closely connected to the unborn child describing the bond as simply 'beautiful' adding that she is eagerly waiting to meet the baby.

In a lengthy social media post, Tiffany wrote,

"The first time I saw you I was so anxious and scared of the unknown. A lot has changed since that time  we are now so big I can literally feel you kicking and moving.

Adding, I never thought I would embrace you as much as I have but at this very moment I don't think I would ever change anything..All I want to do is be your mummy and protect you from everything and everyone. The bond we have is already so beautiful."

Tifanny says the baby has been helping her push herself to become the best version of herself, and vowed to always be there for her baby.

"Every step of this journey I've been able to embrace because of how you push me to be the best version of myself. I love you so much my baby I can't wait to hold you in my arms. Cause I will always have you and I promise you will always have me," wrote  Tiffany.

When she spoke in an interview with Mpasho, the mother-to-be said that her first trimester was a roller coaster but everything is falling into place now. 

"I have been told to lay off stress because my blood pressure has not been good. We went for the second ultrasound and the baby is healthy," she said. 

Like many pregnant women, Tiffany said she experiences mood swings. 

"Most of the time I am really excited except when I have mood swings and I can hate people. Before i accepted my pregnancy while it was two months it was hard. I was wondering how I am going to do all of this but right now it is exciting and scary at the same time."

We can't wait to see how great of a mother Tiffany will turn out to be in a few months.

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