• Njugush celebrated his wife Celestine Ndinda on Mothers Day stating that he is lucky to be doing life with her.

• He added that their son Tugi thanked him (Njugush) for choosing the best mum for him.

with his mother
Daddy Owen with his mother
Image: Daddy Owen

As the world celebrates mothers day different male celebrities have taken to social media to celebrate the special women in their lives.

Among these celebrities is Daddy Owen, DJ Mo, etc. Gospel artiste Daddy Owen praised his mum for the good work she did raising him and his siblings up

"I call her NyaSakwa. NyarOlielo!! My mum, she's courageous, strong, loving, caring.. a teacher and my hero. I thank GOD for the perfect gift!! She's the most important woman in my life!! 

She fought so hard for us, making sure we eat well, we go to school, and we grow up with the highest form of discipline! 

She's one person I can feel her smile in her voice when we talk on the phone her joy always makes me happy. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY MADHEE."

Abel Mutua penned a message to his wife Judy thanking her for being the best.

"Happy Mother’s Day Mama Mumbus!!! You’re a mother to many even though you’re the same size as your daughter. Thank you love for being the absolute best. @judynyawira."

Njugush thanked his wife Celestine Ndinda alias Wakavinye for having stood by him through thick and thin.

"Special mother's day WaTugi. You take care of all of us without complaining. A lot on your shoulders but you don't complain. We are blessed to have you of great heart. 

Tugi knows he has the best Mom,juzi he said nilimchagulia Mum mpoa. I'm glad it's you, Wouldn't want it any other way."


"If you ever doubt you are doing a good job please look at your 1st born, that's some proper job done. Siamini we are this far. Shukran for being super supportive through Thick and Thin. Thank you for purely loving my mother means the world, thanks for cultivating love n life. We love you Mama T². 

More Grace and favour, more life and laughter.Thank you @celestinendinda .To all Mothers, you are doing great!!! Happy mothers day ladies."

Celebrating his wife gospel spin master DJ Mo penned,

"I can write a whole book about you, but the most important thing is that; You are so amazing and am so happy am doing life with you \ @size8reborn

Thank you for making me a dad, and taking care of our 2 babies & 134 (our free daycare). Imagine nimejitolea and the way I hate the kitchen to make this breakfast for you. From @ladashabelle.wambo & @muraya.jnrWe LOVE YOU so much."

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