• Nadia Mukami is happy to celebrate mothers day with her son Haseeb, after suffering a miscarriage before.

• Nadia will be celebrating the day with teen mother's at Marurui.

in a baby bump shoot
Nadia Mukami with Arrow Bwoy in a baby bump shoot
Image: Instagram

As the world celebrates mother's day African Pop star Nadia Mukami has revealed that she didn't think she could hack the role.

The first time mum says she is learning in the process. Through her socials she penned

"Happy Mother's Day to all the Mothers. Celebrating my First Mother's Day! I feel so blessed! I remember I worked till I was 8 months during pregnancy and heck I think even till Birth!

I thought I wasn't gonna do the motherhood thing well. I was so scared the first week: fear of the unknown, but now, I AM AN OG.

I even wake my @haseebkai to breastfeed( we are breastfeeding Exclusively) I give him massages every single day with Jazz Music hence we have been sleeping well ( I thank God)."


"Sometimes we even bathe twice a day. I have been learning every day and I have allowed myself to be scared & hence take up the challenge!

I am so proud of myself & also wanna thank my fans for supporting my New EP. To the friends I pushed away during pregnancy I am sorry it was the Hormones 😀 Plus pregnancy is just complicated! I love you!"

Evelyne Wanjiru who is also a first-time mum took to her social media to celebrate herself. She welcomed a son after waiting for 10 years.

"Salute To All Mothers. Weee it’s never a swift journey but the grace is always sufficient! Happy Mother’s Day to Mama Mshindi, to my sweet mama, to my mother in love, and to every mother figure.

The journey is no joke, You are superwoman."

Agunda Bweni, husband to Evelyne also celebrated her in a sweet post captioned below,

"Happy Mother’s Day queen of my heart @evelynwanjiru_a , this is a special Mother’s Day to you. You are already a wonderful, loving, caring, and unique Mom to baby Mshindi.

I thank God for you. To all our mothers and every woman I celebrate you on this special day happy mother’s day!!"

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