• Some celebrities use other means to get to the top, They may not be using their hard work, they want, the short way

Witchcraft items recovered
Witchcraft items Witchcraft items recovered
Image: DCI

Once you become a celebrity, preparing yourself for the worst things should be your major concern.

Some celebs have been accused of seeking witch doctors to help them grow their careers or their lifestyles.

They include

 1. Diamond Platnumz

Back in 2019, Diamond was accused of using witchcraft for bringing his music career to success.

His manager then confirmed that he had taken Diamond to a witch doctor together with other Wasafi artists to seek his services in making their music carrier a success.

Diamond Platnumz
Diamond Platnumz

    2. Amber Ray

Some times back Amber Ray's photo went viral where she was seen holding two chickens, one black and the other white.

She was covered in strange white clothes. Rumors went viral saying that Amer ray was using witchcraft to lure a guy.

Amber Ray
Image: Courtesy

    3. Hamisa Mobetto

Diamond Platnumz accused Hamisa Mobeto before in the Wasafi TV interview, of using witchcraft.

He confirmed that audio was sent to him of  Hamisa talking to a witch doctor asking for black Magic to convince the wasafi CEO to get her a house.

Hamisa Mobetto
Hamisa Mobetto

    4. Darassa

Tanzanian Artist Darassa admitted to visiting a witch doctor before, this was after claims that he has been using witchcraft to gain fame.

He however said that his visit to the witch doctor was not to gain fame but for his personal life issues.

    5. Harmonize 

A video went Viral of Harmonize doing witchcraft. Rumour flew that Harmonize got into Witchcraft so he would be like Diamond Platnumz.

He however later denied the claims and said he does not use Witchcraft and added that Diamond does. Harmonize also admitted that Diamond was using witchcraft to push his music.

aka Konde Boy
Harmonize aka Konde Boy
Image: Instagram

6. Nyota Ndogo

Nyota was accused by some of her fans of using witchcraft to lure white men.

Nyota clarified that she believes in God and that all she has comes from God.

She explained that she would never use witchcraft to enrich herself.

"I have never used charms and I have never thought of visiting a witch doctor. I believe that the day I will think of doing it, it will be the end of me." 

That is like degrading my God. My faith is so high. I pray for everything from God and He gives me a clean heart."

She acknowledged that her DM is full of people asking her to help them visit a witch doctor.

With her Dutch husband
Nyota Ndogo With her Dutch husband
Image: Instagram
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