• Zari Hassan owns a Ranger Rover and a Mercedes Benz among other high-end cars.

• All her cars are customized with her name and the number of the car eg 1,2,3.

standing by her brand new G-wagon
Zari Hassan standing by her brand new G-wagon
Image: Instagram

Zari Hassan has gifted herself with a brand new G-Wagon.'

The car is an addition to her car collection, whose number plates are customised. Taking to her social media to share the exciting news, Zari captioned,

"I like the way he rooooaaarrrDamn @yas_performance thanks for coming thru with the customized badges, the mags & extras."

The current price for a G Wagon in Kenya is Ksh 15 million.

A G-Wagon car
Image: CCP

Among other cars owned by Zari is a Range Rover, and a Mercedes Benz.

In 2021 Zari took to her social media to call out a fan who castigated her for living a flashy lifestyle.

This came after Zari shared a photo while posing on one of her cars with a self-titled number plate accompanied by the hashtag, "Young, famous, and African."

The fan noted, "Muda ukifika wa kuitwa na aliyekuumba utayaacha hayo huwezichukua chochote my dear sisy." (When the time comes and The Creator takes you, you will leave all this here, you can't take it with you)

Zari Hassan went on to tell the fan that he was speaking like the poor do.

"Maneno ya maskini. Sasa ndio tuishi vibaya kwa ajili tutakufa. Wewe ishi vile unataka, naishi vile napenda (These are words of the poor. Should we love badly just because we will die? You live your life, I live how I like)...You are seeing this post from a jealous point of view."

The socialite oversees a school in South Africa and bought her own house a couple of years ago after moving out of Diamond Platnumz's mansion.

Zari is also an influencer and a brand ambassador for big brands. She says she works hard for her money to be able to afford the best things life can offer.

standing by her brand new G-Wagon
Zari standing by her brand new G-Wagon
Image: Instagram
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