• Michelle Ntalami alleged she had been cheated on and betrayed in her relationship hence the breakup.

• Makena Njeri said she is focusing on self-growth.

in the past
Makena Njeri with Michelle Ntalami in the past
Image: Instagram

Bold Network Africa Founder Makena Njeri and Mitchelle Ntalami are not back together.

This was revealed by Ntalami during a Q and A segment with her fans. The Marini founder says she decided to address the question as there have been too many inquiries on the same.

"Just way too many of these, and it’s only right I address it for clarity's sake. No, we are not back together."

Asked if she had healed from her heartbreak Ntalami said that healing was a journey and not a destination.

"Have you healed? and are you currently dating?’ Healing is a process there has been tremendous progress in my life. I always see you guys noticing this and mentioning it to me, thank you. Dating in this Kanairo weather? #soundon’," she responded.

Michelle was also asked, "Currently, who are you crushing at?"

She cheekily responded "This full course right here," pointing at herself.

The two have remained friends despite their public breakup.

Ntalami had earlier hinted at being cheated on and many assumed that it was by Makena Njeri.

Last month, Michelle was spotted on Makena’s Instagram in a bathroom selfie that sent their fans into a frenzy.

Many Kenyans were curious if they had reunited. Makena addressed the video stating they were just friends

"We are friends. My advice is that it is always good to be Bold. We all strive to learn from our mistakes and live a better life. No enmity. The two most powerful warriors are patience and time," she said.

And what she dating at the moment?

"Loving on myself this season. No dating #healing#growth."

The two are both in the entertainment industry hence the interest from people wanting to know what is going in their lives.

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