• Amber Ray's ex-boyfriend IB Kabba says men should be wise when choosing a woman to be with.

• He warns men to be careful with women, especially Kamba women.

chilling next to her jeep
Amber Ray chilling next to her jeep
Image: Instagram

Amber Ray's  Sierra Leonean ex-boyfriend IB Kabba has advised men to be wise when they are choosing their life partners.

The basketballer says that women are dangerous and it is not only men that use women. He warns that women are good at using men.

In his Instagram post, the basketballer hypothesised that Kambaland is a place he will never visit. He continued and said that there is something that is not right about Kambaland.

Kabba apprised that women who approach men have no good intentions and men should be aware of such women.

"I wonder why a lot of people out there think that it is only men that use women. Women are very dangerous right now and they are using men. Kamba land is a place I will never want to visit in my life. There is something about that place that is not right.

Be careful about a woman that will always come to you and tell you I want to date you. About the pictures that are out there, those are old pictures, there is nothing new about the pictures, I don't know how they went out.

Let's be careful about some women that will come into our lives, I don't disrespect any woman, I respect women and I love them. Just be careful and get the right one, God bless!" his post read.

Amber Ray had a Q&A session and a fan asked her what it is she did to her ex that made him a motivational speaker to advise men.

"Umefanya our basketballer amekua motivational speaker until he is warning men!" a fan wrote to her in her Q&A session.

In her response, Amber Ray said, "The peeps who pose like thugs are still being stolen from in Nairobi."

Amber Ray reacted to his ex-boyfriend's post.

"Umeskia sisi Kamba ladies tumeitwa dangerous women?" (have you heard about Kamba ladies being referred to as dangerous?) Amber Ray's post read.

Amber and Kabba ended their relationship several weeks ago. Amber Ray’s relationships don’t seem to be working.

Whenever she tries a new relationship, it hits a dead end. But she’s always willing to give it another shot over & over again.

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