•Kevin Kinuthia used the YouTube channel to share his comedy videos.

•He has asked his fans to keep calm and he tries to resolve this.

Kelvin Kinuthia
Tikitok star Kelvin Kinuthia

Kenyan TikToker Kevin Kinuthia is a sad man after he lost access to his YouTube channel with over 46K subscribers.

According to Kinuthia, the problem came in after he lost access to his old phone which he had signed in with the email used to create the channel.

Speaking during an interview with Mungai Eve, he said, "I had put a two-step verification code, the code was to be sent to my email. I changed my phone and I tried my login into my channel but I couldn't."

Kinuthia says that he has tried looking for help from different avenues to no avail.

"I can't get the code that was sent so that I can be able to access my channel. If you search you will find it but I can not access it.

I had traded my old phone where my email was logged in, added some cash, and got a new one. When I called the shop my old phone had already been sold. When they sold the phone it had been formatted."

The tiktoker says if everything fails he will open a new channel so that he can continue providing content for his fans.

"I decided to tell people because someone out there might help me. That account had problems with the pin.

I will open a new channel in the meantime because I am losing new content."

Kinuthia says that he feels hurt because he cannot access the channel where he had posted a video of himself surprising his mum at her birth.

Just recently Diamond Platnumz YouTube channel had been deactivated. It had over 6.5 Million people subscribed to it.

According to YouTube, Diamond's channel has been terminated for going against its Community Guidelines.

A few days ago, Diamond's YouTube channel was hacked by anonymous hackers.

The hackers live-streamed a program titled, 'Elon Musk - Bitcoin And Ethereum Merge Incoming ETH/BTC Predictions and Analysis," which was streamed by more than fifteen thousand people at its peak.

The hacker then replaced the profile and the cover image of Diamond Platnumz's account with Elon Musk's Tesla's Logo on the profile section and turned off the comment section in the video they shared.

The Head of the Digital department at WCB Wasafi known as Kim Kayndo then replied to a Twitter account announcing that the page had been restored.

In recent years, we have witnessed an alarming number of Kenyan celebrities being targeted by hackers.

Normally, the hackers take over social media pages and YouTube accounts leading to a loss of income.

In February this year, Gengetone Group Ochungulo family’s YouTube channel was also hacked.

While confirming the news, singer Nameless alias David Mathenge said he was doing everything possible to recover the page.

"Unfortunately, the YouTube channel of @ochungulo_family has been hacked, which is also the channel that has the Bandana Ya E-Sir Video. Got some calls from friends who could not access the video," he wrote.

Diana Marua also lost her YouTube in December last year, a few days after she launched her music career.

Diana lamented over the incident, saying she had done nothing to deserve the ‘cruel’ act.

"I have lived at peace with everyone and I have always stayed on my lane; I don't know why anyone would do this to me! You hack my YouTube account; change the name and even worse you delete it." 

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