• When joining campus keep in mind not everyone is your friend, so chose your pals wisely.

• HELB is not free, it has to be used back so use it wisely.

University students
University students
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Students who recently cleared high school will be joining campus soon.

What most do not understand is that campus is not a walk in the park, it can make or break you.

Below are some tips on how to survive on campus and things to keep in mind.

Some else's bae is poison (Mwanaume/mwanamke wa mwenyewe ni sumu)

The temptation to date married men who will in turn fund your lifestyle might be alluring.

But remember not everyone is okay sharing their man, some women are dangerous when provoked. Be careful who you date.

Men are also very jealous when someone approaches their wives, be careful lest we see on the news that you were embroiled in a murder for sleeping with another man's wife.

Not everybody is your friend

When you go to campus, learn how to mind your own business.

Not everyone is your friend, some will only befriend you because of what they can gain from you.

Some people only want to get into your pants while others want to be in your life for selfish reasons.

But that does not mean everyone is bad, taking time and making good friends after all work with no play makes Jack a dull boy.

Fake it till you make it will lead you to an early grave

The pressure to keep up with your friends is real.

Learn to love yourself and accept where you come from. Not everyone has been lucky enough to come from a wealthy family.

Do not engage in shoddy business just to get money to show off.

Keep in mind that jail life is real and does not only exist in movies. Engage in legit businesses to get some extra cash instead of going for shortcuts.

Pombe sio supu

It might look cool to drink and party but remember that on campus there are sexual predators, potential murderers and thieves roaming.

Not everyone is on campus for the right reasons.

We have heard of students whose drinks have been spiked and who ended up raped or murdered.

Before you take that sip, ask yourself whether you can handle yourself drunk or not.

If not take a soft drink, there is no shame in that.

HELB sio donation

HELB is to be used to fund your education.

So do not go around splurging it and chopping it with your friends, remember, when it's time for you to pay it back you will suffer alone.

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