• There is more fanfare for Mother's day compared to Father's day. 

• Women speak up about work-life balance, so we  tend to reward that 

Have you bought gifts yet?
Celebrating Mothers day on May 8th Have you bought gifts yet?
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Why does mothers day get much more worldwide attention than fathers day?

In 2021, many Kenyan men came online to protest that attention wasn't being given to their day as compared to mothers day.

In fact, the day skipped our notice until the following day.  

Here are some reasons why many of us give attention to mothers day.

1. Children are more emotionally linked to their mums than dads.

The attachment is brought by the fact that they spend more of their time with their mothers. This prompts us to always refer to mum when something comes up before thinking about dad.

2. Marketers too could have contributed to this perception.

Many business people target mums more than dads. They market gifts aimed at mums more than dads, and this gets consumers to think that mother's day is more special. 

3. There is the perception that dads don't need pampering like mums, who slave for us daily. 

4.  Men are breadwinners and not caregivers like mums.

5. Who really knows what to gift men?

For mum it's easy to buy flowers and jewellery, but what do we buy for our fathers? Many of us rack our brains and come up with nothing.

6. Women are encouraged to speak up about challenges of work-life balance, and rewarded for this.

Sadly, we don't hear men talk of their parenting disappointments, their expectations and struggles and so don't get the recognition they need. 

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