'Unafaa viboko mingi!' Millicent Omanga reacts to video of Crazy Kennar mimicking her dance skills

Millicent Omanga wants to meet Crazy Kennar after mimic video of her

• In the video, Crazy Kennar wore extra clothes to enlarge his behinds so as to appear like those of Millicent Omanga. 

• The senator said Kennar deserves whips for not balancing efficiently. 

Crazy Kennar Mimic video of Millicent Omanga twerking
Crazy Kennar Mimic video of Millicent Omanga twerking
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Nominated Senator Millicent Omanga has reacted to a video of comedian Crazy Kennar mimicking her dance styles.

In the video, the talented comedian Crazy Kennar wore extra clothes to enlarge his behinds so as to appear like those of the politician.

He would then mimic how Senator Omanga dances during her political rallies. 

The video caught the attention of the Nairobi Woman Rep aspirant (Omanga), who appreciated Kennar's talent. 

Omanga shared the video, saying that she would like to meet the comedian and his entire team soon.

However, she was not happy that he did not balance the extension of the behind and said Kennar deserved some whips.

"Tales of the Crazy Kennar is definitely a super talented guy. Hopefully, I will have a chit chat with your entire team and you soon.

I celebrate your talent bro keep winning. Lakini unafaa viboko mingi wewe balance hio kitu fiti," Senator Omanga wrote.

The senator does not shy away from showcasing her dancing skills during political rallies. 

The video by Kennar excited many and it was shared across social media platforms.

While most appreciated the video, some condemned it, saying the joke was not funny since it showed that the aspiring women representative did not have a manifesto but shaking her derriere.

A fan identified as Nyariki E-Knock Nyambati II wrote: "You're a disgrace to your literature teacher. He's simply implying that you got no manifesto, nothing to offer to Nairobians except twerking. Art is indeed beautiful."

Achilla Achilla Sirkal: "The inner meaning of this joke is what you have to offer in Kenya Kwanza Rallies. Jokingly you've noticed it and the need for proper balance of your main agenda."

Omanga said told the naysayers that she is not irked by the video. 

"However you understand is your own problem. Mimi kitu nataka tu ni Kennar ashughulikie balancing ya hio kitu ...hizo zingine ni story tu mko nazo," she said.

In a past interview with Massawe Japanni, Omanga said she loves dancing and no matter what she will continue doing it since it her hobby.

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