'The pastor gave my husband the permission to beat me up' - actress Idah Alisha

Idah Alisha calls out the church and FIDA for not helping

• Idah Alisha sought the help of the pastor only to be told she deserved to be beaten if she provoked her husband.

• The actress says she sought the help of FIDA but they did not help her.

also known as Idah Alisha
Mother-in-law actress Olive also known as Idah Alisha
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Former Mother-in-law actress Idah Alisha has shared her disappointment at the church for failing her when she needed them the most.

Idah says when she was going through abuse in her marriage the pastor said she deserved it if she provoked her husband.

Speaking during an interview with Lynn Ngugi she shared;

"When the abuse continued, We went to see the pastor who wed us. I explained the situation only for him to say that my husband had the right to beat me if I provoked him.

I walked out of the meeting. I remember that day even the pastor's wife got angry at him. How could he say that in front of my husband? It was like giving him permission to beat me up. When I needed them the most is when they failed me."

Olive also says FIDA failed her when she went to them seeking help to walk out of her marriage safely. 

"They asked me if I wanted to go public given I was a public figure, I told them I did not mind as long as I got help.

They told me to go back and sought things with my area Chief and the pastor, the same pastor who said my husband had the right to beat me up," she said. 

Idah added that his husband would also posses a car that she bought with her money. 

"He used to control my cash, If I sent my mum cash for shopping he wanted to know where the money had gone to.

I remember people saying I had left my 'wealthy' husband yet I was the wealthy one in the relationship."

Alisha says she is still has a relationship with God adding that she decided to seek him directly instead of using pastors.

"I will never seat and let a man of God mislead me again."

The Church has been under fire for not supporting women who are going through abuse and want out.

The recent case ios that of Nigerian star Osinachi.

She was going through abuse at the hands of her pastor who is alleged to have been a pastor.

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