• Amber Ray described her love with baby daddy as a perfect one at their early days such that they even walked while holding hands.

• He was her first lover, the one who kissed her for the first time .

Amber Ray in her house
Amber Ray in her house
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Socialite Amber Ray has opened up about being in a toxic relationship.

Amber in an interview with Obinna said she had been in so many toxic relationships.

Speaking about her baby daddy, Amber said the reason she broke up with him is after he beat her seriously,  leaving her for the dead.

He was her first lover, the one who kissed her for the first time. 

Amber said her son was young and so she decided to focus on him.

The two met at their hood and fell in love. She described their love as a perfect one in their early days such that they even walked while holding hands.

"We were neighbors and we fell in love and got a baby together. We were living together like 'Beyonce and Jay Z'. Our love was match made in heaven. He was handsome and I am beautiful. We used to walk holding hands."

Amber said her husband changed after she got the son. It became worse when her baby daddy got a better paying job and he started cheating.

"We were both hustlers and after I got the baby, he got a good a serious job and he started cheating. There is a time his phone was ringing and the person was saved as 'dot'. calling' . We used to stay was a simple plot, a single room and the owner used to live there," she said. 

Amber recounted how one day he poured cold water on her bed after returning back home.

"He used to lock the door and could not give anyone key. He was outside and he came at midnight and called me to open the gate for him, the landlord refused to open the gate, when he got money, sio pesa mingi.

I told him the landlord had refused to open and so he went back to wherever he went. When he came back at 6 am, I was in bed with my baby, my son was like 8 months, he fetched cold water and poured it on the bed where we were sleeping."

She said his reason was that she was sleeping in a house when he was out.

Amber Ray said she had to forgive him since she did not have a choice.

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Amber said she could not go to her parents house.

"I started selling Matumbo since a first born, my parents did not believe in being a single mum."

Amber said he got her a job at casino where he was a driver and Amber was a waitress at the same place.

"Sometimes, the shifts were different. Sometimes, we could not even see each other and I loved it since he was not the same person I knew."

Due to the mistreatment, Amber said her love for her baby daddy shifted and stopped bothering about him.

Amber recounted her last beating she received from her baby daddy that made her quit the relationship.

She came home late from work and found him drunk and waiting for her.

"...I got home home late and he came and asked me where I was coming from. He looked very angry. I told him since he was drunk, we should not have a conversations. He was overreacting. I removed my jeans and went to bed, he beat me up, I insulted him," she said adding that her 10-year-old brother saved her.

Amber managed to run away leaving her son behind. She was fired after that incidence since she lied at her bosses.

"I walked to my parents place with a towel and barefooted, bleeding and had a black eye for two weeks. I could not go to work. I lied that I was beaten by thugs and that is why i got fired."

She added that when her mum opened the door for her, she was shocked.

"The next day, I woke up and said it was the end. I went to the chemist and bought some medicine. They thought it was a joke, I hired a taxi and went and  took my clothes and my son's clothes."

Amber said they are no longer friends although he is close to his son. She believes in marriage but not suffering in marriages.

"A lot of African marriages are about suffering, oo praying for the other partner, ati one day they will change. Pray for yourself. Don't stay somewhere if you are not happy. If you are not happy, you can never be a happy parent. If you have a toxic partner, walk out."

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