• Letoya Johnstone is appealing for help to come out of her depression.

• She says she is lonely and has no friends.

a Transgender model
Letoya Johnstone a Transgender model
Image: Instgram

Transgender model Letoya Johnstone has appealed for help, saying she is battling depression.  

Through her social media Letoya said the trauma goes back to the things that old friends did to her. 

"Deep down I am suffering from depression! There are things that old friends put me through and everyday I wakeup I loose myself.

I don't know how I am surviving this but let's hope people will have to type rest in peace. I am the most lonely human being alive with no single friend," Letoya opened up. 

Letoya says strangers have been very helpful to her and have done the best for her.

"Look at Jonny Depp story or Robin Williams story . Celebrities like ourselves are going through the unthinkable. But we must create this facade to make others see the sparkle in us That's what everyone gets attracted to. I need help my people, I am dying. Please help me."

Mpasho contacted Letoya to find out more about what is ailing her, She said;

"Not at this point as I am deeply broken."

Earlier, Letoya hinted on having suicidal thoughts. 

Letoya Johnstones post a suicidal post in Facebook
Image: facebook

This is not the first time that she is appealing for help.

Growing up was not easy for her, having gone through sexual abuse and rejection.

She lost half her teeth to the people who raped her.

Letoya also grew up in a polygamous family and according to her things were not so rosy.

She has also opened up about being stigmatized and victimized on different occasions because of her sexual orientation.

Letoya is a human rights defender, a fashion stylist, an award-winning personality, and the director of  ToyToy models.

Counselors, medics, and psychologists advise that you can always reach out for help when experiencing any mental health issues. Call Kenya Red Cross toll-free hotline, 1199 for support.

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