•Twitter user, Karani says we should limit the number of holidays.
• He believes time spent resting should be used to propel the economy

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Citizens enjoying public holidays at the beach
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Most Kenyans are resuming work this morning after enjoying a 5-day long holiday. The long holiday was as a result of a national holiday in honor of Kibaki, Labor day which fell on a Sunday and Eid-il- Fitr.

A section of Kenyans on Twitter however feel like for a country that is surviving on debt in trillions is too poor to be having holidays. This is because the 5-day-period simply means less productivity,  affecting the economy even more.

One Karani Mutonga, had a rough time after airing his opinion against the holidays on Twitter.

Mutonga had a number of suggestions regarding how Kenya should observe a number of holidays including ones that should be omitted.

"My suggestions on Holidays: 1. If a public holiday falls on a Sunday, don't push it to Monday. 2. Collapse Jamhuri, Madaraka and Mashujaa into one holiday 3," his tweet read in part.

And how would Karani want to see the long Easter holiday observed? On Easter, give either Friday or Monday. 4. Do away with Boxing day. We're too poor to afford these holidays," he added.

As expected, the tweet birthed a whole lot of backlash from many Kenyans with many saying that the reason why Kenyans love those breaks reflects toxicity at their places of work.

Karani was lucky to have a few soldiers who backed his suggestions with everyone giving valid reasons as to why they support or oppose him.

Check out some of the reactions;

James Murathimi: I agree. But don't forget why Kenyans love holidays. Work environment should be improved. Better pay. Better terms. Meaningful engagement. Flexible working hours. Empowering workers, and removing obstacles to their productivity..

Dennis Amanya: "We should also abolish weekends. All people must not sleep more than 8 hours and we need to put in place mechanisms to ensure that is reinforced. Any form of rest must be discouraged. We are too poor for any form of holiday, rest, sleep or relaxation."

Am Ngata: "Haha primitive thinking. The Internet is not closed on the said holidays thus education/work/self improvement still goes on. You are the one that chooses to sleep, some of us use these days to actually better ourselves. This is not the 14 century pal."

What is your take on holidays? Should we reduce them or should we continue observing them?

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