• Wakavinye says Tugi has always wanted a sibling adding that he even prayed about it.

• Wakavinye and Njugush revealed the pregnancy during TTT season 3.

smiling for the camera
Njugush with his wife and son smiling for the camera
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Celestine Ndinda, the wife of Kenyan comedian Njugush, has opened up about the challenges she has been going through in her second pregnancy.

She says despite everything she cannot wait to meet her bundle of joy. 

Speaking during an interview with SPM Buzz, Wakavinye shared,

"I am so happy.  But the more excited person is my son Tugi, as he has wanted a sibling for some time now, and he even prayed about it.

When he learned we were pregnant we had to hold his mouth every time someone came visiting because he wanted to tell everyone about it. He has so far told the school driver, teachers, and fellow students about it.

He had even offered to help carry the baby in his stomach. The first trimester was not easy for me."

Asked how she met Njugush, Wakavinye sweetly narrated,

"He never katiad me, he never even asked for my number. He and I were just friends. I was dating someone else at the time and so was he. My relationship started having trouble and I would confide in Njugush. He was also single and that is when we started being more friends."

Wakavinye says with time they eventually started dating,

"We never realized how much time we were spending together until other people pointed it out. People would ask me where he was if they saw me together and vice versa."

She attributes her success to Njugush adding that were it not for him she would not be where she is

"He pushes me. When he believes something he goes for it, people might laugh at his ideas but at the end of the day he will pursue it."

Wakavinye also praised Njugush stating he is a hands-on dad,

"He is very handy around the house. Ukiona kitu imemlemea just know it's hard. He even takes Tugi to the farm. If my son becomes half the person his dad is I will be very happy."

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