• Phil Karaja grew up loving films and would save cash to watch 4 films every weekend while growing up in Dandora.

• His dad would criticise him for not getting an A like his 4 sisters and that made him hate school.

husband to Kate Actress
Philip Karanja husband to Kate Actress
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Kenyan director, Phil Karanja, has revealed how he got into film production. Speaking during an interview on Man Cave he shared,

"My dad passed away in form 2 and it was a blessing in disguise. I used to do well in school not because I wanted to but just to impress my dad.

My mum is a bit more laid back and she would let me do what I want. When my dad passed I started flourishing in arts."

Phil says he didn't do well in KCSE and that gave him a chance to pursue his passion

"I got a C and in my house that was seen as failing, my sisters were all A materials. People who get A never get the chance to choose what they want, if you want to pursue your passion fail KCSE. You will be asked what you want to do and you can easily choose your path."

Phil says his biggest challenge has been not believing in himself.

"I never used to believe in myself. I used to overwork myself just to prove that I am good at what I do. Even when I won awards I still doubted."

He says he is still trying to find a balance between working and having a social life.

"Through my 20s I was working and that means I have no social life. I used to work at 'Tahidi High' and shoot 'Mother-in-Law'. When I find myself not working on weekends I stay at home because I do not have friends."


"Is there a balance for men? If you choose to build wealth you end up lonely. If you find this other path you might get old and have nothing to show for it."

Phil is married to Kate Actress and they have two kids.

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