• Janet Ikua was a TV host with NTV.

• George Ikua had bought Janet a car as a surprise gift.

during a family photo shoot
The late Janet Kanini Ikua with her husband George and their two kids during a family photo shoot
Image: Facebook

George Ikua, husband to the late Janet Kanini has shared an incident in which she scolded him hours after she bought her a car.

This was after she took the car for a test drive and it stalled on the way. Sharing his experience on the show Man Cave, Ikua narrated,

"I went and bought her a car as a surprise and was very excited to show it to her. I came home and asked her to come outside and see what I had gotten her. She was very excited. She took the car and went to Westlands, on her way the car ran out of fuel."

George says he was not ready for her reaction when the car stalled

"She called me screaming, 'Idiot, why would you put me in a car without fuel?'"

He says he had bought the car and thought she would think about passing by a petrol station and fueling it. George says things have changed since the death of his wife

"When you are younger you think you can walk on water. When you get older you realize it's not always about you. Before her death, we went through a fantastic journey and we became very tight.

There are many things we never addressed and I wish we had addressed them. Every man should know that they are potential widowers."


"It is the things that annoy you about your partner that you will miss. Marriage is not what you see on Instagram but the little things in between.

The ways you argue and solve things, the way she screams when you leave your socks on the floor is what makes a marriage."

The couple had two kids.

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