• Janet Kanini Ikua died in 2015, she had been diagnosed with Lung cancer stage 4.

• George Ikua and Janet Kanini had two kids.

and her husband George Ikua
The late Janet Kanini and her husband George Ikua
Image: Courtesy

George Ikua, husband to the late TV host Janet Kanini Ikua has revealed he dropped all his friends after they got married.

This is because at the time he was struggling by seeking validation from people.

Sharing his experience with Man Cave he shared,

"The reason I started dating Janet was that she did not know of my previous lifestyle (seeking validation from people) For me, it was a chance to start my life afresh.

Immediately I started dating Janet I dropped all my friends. I even moved from where I was living. I became a new person, it was like a rebirth. She was against me seeking validation from people."

Things got tough for them after Janet lost her dad just weeks into their new marriage.

"Her dad passed away two weeks after our wedding. I knew how to be the hard-working charming fella, but I did not know how to be supportive. I had nowhere to refer from."


"Our young marriage started being affected because she was my validator and was going through something so I took it as rejection. We had a very tough 1st year.

You would come home and she won't talk to you. Our marriage was in trouble because we were not speaking the same language and not because we did not like each other. She was looking for a man to take charge and I was looking for a woman to cheer me up."

George says at the time they were young and clueless and were only trying to live life the best way they knew how.

"At the time she was doing news so she had to maintain a facade, yet when she came home she was broken. She was expecting to meet a man to support her only to meet a boy (me). Both of us were trying to maintain our young marriage but we felt like we were acting.

I met a lady who had walked out of her marriage and she told me to value what I had, she asked me to describe myself and she introduced me to some videos.

I realized that I was more concerned about other people than about myself. I realized you cannot give what you don't have so I had to work on myself."

George says at the time he had never sat down to ask himself who he was, hence the struggle with self-identity.

"It kept putting me in trouble. I would lose a contract and get another, I would lose a job and get another."

He is now in a better place and is thankful that before his wife passed away they had thrown for the best.

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