• Anerlisa Muigai celebrated her sister with several messages on her Instagram page.

• Anerlisa Muigai even showed of the last photo that she had taken of her late sister.

at her late sister's memorial
Anerlisa Muigai at her late sister's memorial
Image: Instagram

Yesterday, Anerlisa Muigai remembered her late sister, Tecra Muigai on the second anniversary of her death.

The wealthy Keroche heiress shared photos and messages on her Instagram page as she celebrated her late sister.

Her first post showed the Nero Water boss taking flowers to her late sister's grave, with her first caption reading, "Sending Love To Everyone Who Has Lost a Loved One. We Are All Together In This. 🙏🏽"

She then added a post of the last photo that the late Tecra had ever taken while still alive, "I Really Miss My Sister. This Was The Last Picture She Took 🕊," she reminisced. 

Tecra Muigai died on May 3rd, 2020 with Omar Lali (her lover and the last person to be with her) saying that she had fallen down a staircase.

During an inquest into the death of the Keroche heiress, Doctor Barack Mubarak had a different take on this.

“There was a cut on her head, which is not a normal fall. Such an injury is likely caused by an object with an external force,” he said.

The doctor said the impact was very heavy.

“From initial assessment, it did not appear like it was a normal fall on the stairs. If it was, there would be bruises, but there were no observations of bruises,” Mubaraka said.

He said it is impossible to damage internally located bones, which are very hard, in the impact of a mere fall.

The doctor, who attended Tecra at King Fahad Hospital in Lamu, said her left temporal bone fractured, extending all the way to the back. 

Lawyer James Orengo, who is representing Tecra’s family, asked whether a temporal bone is hard. The medic said it is the hardest bone in the human body.

“The temporal bone is found at the base of the skull. It helps with hearing and the balancing of the body. The brain is in between the two temporal bones,” he said.

Mubarak said that from a report prepared by the hospital radiologist, a fracture of the temporal bone affected Tecra's left earlobe.

He also said Tecra was conscious but not able to communicate before she left Lamu Hospital for Nairobi for further treatment.  

“The patient was not in a position to give her history. She was alert but not able to communicate,” he said. 

with Omar Lali in a file photo
The late Tecra Muigai with Omar Lali in a file photo
Image: Instagram

Omar who emerged as the prime suspect in the death was cleared by the police but an inquest is still ongoing as to what happened to Tecra on that fateful night.

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