• A fan was super impressed saying, "Wonder Chibalonza brought back memories that never faded from our hearts."

Wonder Chibalonza
Wonder Chibalonza

The all grown daughter of the last gospel music icon Angela Chibalonza has picked the mantle from her.

Chibalonza died and left her daughter, Wonder Chibalonza, with pastor Elisha Muliri while she was breastfeeding, barely a year old.

Chibalonza tragically died 15 years ago in a grisly road accident along the Nakuru Nairobi Highway after performing at Egerton University.

Wonder Chibaloza who is now all grown has redone her mother's classic hit, Uliniumba Nikuabudu.

In the song, she remixes one of the verses adding her own life story, picking up from where he mother left off.

"I have no words to say. When my mother left, you became my mother. You gave my father the strength to raise me. When I ran out of milk, you fed me. When I cried night and day you were there with me."

She adds, "It was a dream for me to grow up. That is why I stand to worship you."

The song has been posted on her stepmother's Youtube Channel, under Maggie Muliri. Watch the remake below.


The nostalgia from the song leaves fans feeling some type of way. Many likened Wonder's talent in the rendition to be similar to her mom's. Here are some of the reactions.

BRO NICHOLAS MUSEMBI: Angela Chibalonza is back through her daughter. You have touched my heart wonder... Brings back memories of Angela Chibalonza who inspired our lives so much.

monicah wambui: I was blessed to have known her late mum (a gentle soul) but when she was on the mic she was a lioness filled with God’s spirit, and I can attest she is exactly her mum’s daughter…

favoured blessed: Oh my God my whole body is filled with goosebumps Lord I thank you for this young lady we as Kenyans loved your mom and still do and we love you too.

Mwangi Junior: The mantle has been passed to the daughter for the gospel to be proclaimed.Glory to God

shantel milcah: This song has really revived something in me. When Angela passed I was in primary school and they used to call me Angela because I loved and sung her songs every day during our prayer sessions. Thank you Wonder for allowing God to use you.

Kevin Egesa: God brings Angela back to us through her daughter. This ministry for sure lives on to be a blessing in us. It’s true He will only bring what he started to Better and perfect completion. To god be the glory.

Robert Barasa: The is a great masterpiece, indeed our God is so great and so faithful to fail, God bless you, madam.

Ooga A Hezron: This is on another level, praise God Almighty for using her to know you indeed!

sa sanga: Honestly I am amazed. I have shed a tear. When you feel it Is finished then he does it in style! Who can defeat this God this is a testimony of the world. Indeed what God cannot do does not exist...

Wonder Chibalonza with dad, Pastor Elisha Muliiri
Wonder Chibalonza with dad, Pastor Elisha Muliiri

Daniel Wambua: She Sang this song being true from her heart like her late mum. Glory to God. All it was God's plan, she is talented indeed.

JOYCE ETEMESI KATACHA: When Angela sang this song, her infant was back at home missing her mama, she never knew, the same infant will stand and minister with the same song. Thanks so much wonder, baby Kenya is behind you Kenya loves you. I know you're mummy is so proud of you where she is. Mr and Mrs Elisha Muliri, ooh may God bless you servants of God.

Lilian Osimbo: Tears of joy ran down my cheeks coz to me this is a miracle remembering a tragic accident around Kiriandusi. I can relate with Wonder because I was left at a very tender age.

nmbatsi: Glory to God! This has melted my heart and i thank God for this Angel for following in her mum's footsteps. Congratulations to the Dad and the whole family for a job well done! Kweli tuliumbwa tumuabudu 🙏🙏. Angela is still alive in our hearts and now this! Our God is on the Throne. Hallelujah! Wow!

Vic Joseph: She brought back memories that never faded from our hearts. God is faithful

Talent Plug: God's ways are not our ways...Praises to the most high living God for giving her a testimony. God is great and greatly to be praised. Amen

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