• Avril released a new song titled Danger featuring Brandy Maina

• It is her first release of this year

Nimrod Nick
Kenyan fashion designer and stylist Nimrod Nick
Image: instagram

I don't think even when the OG, Kaligraph Jones said being an artist in Kenya, nikujitolea, (is a form of self-sacrifice) I did not think he expected it to be this bad. 

Kenyan songstress Avril, who has been in the industry for around  15 years, released a new song titled 'Danger' featuring upcoming musician Brandy Maina.

This is the first song that Avril has released in less than 10 months.

Despite the long wait for new music by her fans,  the new release has not garnered as many views and reactions as expected.

Avril who has over 100,000 subscribers on YouTube, only gathered less than a thousand views, on her latest song during the first eight hours of its release. 

following this, Kenyan fashion designer, and stylist Nimrod Nick, took to his Instagram page to ask Kenyans what the issue might have been as he felt the fans were doing Avril dirty.

He shared a QnA on his insta stories asking Kenyans if they felt that the low views, were a result of poor release strategy, or the songbird was just not it anymore.  40 per cent of his followers, voted for poor release strategy while 60 per cent were of the opinion that she was just not it anymore. 

In his next post, Nick rooted for Avril going down memory lane of all the hit songs she's released in the past, " you all need to give Avril her flowers bwana, you can't just do Avril like that. she has a new song featuring Brandy Maina. Go check it out and support a girl bana. she gave you all hit songs kitambo."

Nick went on to add "Support her, she is the creme de la creme of our music industry. I know Avril will be back on her feet soon enough... I feel that motherhood came along and overwhelmed her because it is a whole job on its own. Please stream her music and support her"

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