• Cartoon launched her music career earlier this year. And it seems everyone is rooting for Kenyan  Cardi C - as some of her fans have resulted in calling her.

• Cartoon has two music videos out on YouTube 

Cartoon Comedian
Comedian and actress Cartoon Comedian
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I just love the confidence people in this great but sorta crumbling country of ours have.

Like they wake up and choose whatever they want from violence to clout or vibes, it is really intriguing.

Also, the fact that at some point we always have a surge of something. Either everyone is a model, a DJ, content creator, interior/events designer, or artist. Like each season comes with a whole new batch.

Currently half of our actors, comedians, and artists decided to turn into politics. Apparently, they understand the plight of the people and it is their duty to deliver them. While the other half of our content creators, comedians, and socialites decided they'll rise to the occasion and fill up the spaces left in the musical realm.

One of the individuals who decided to showcase their musical prowess is our very own Cartoon Comedian, real name Vanessa Akinyi.

The 22-year-old is best known for her fumy skits where she used words such as "inaniaffect" "inanichoke" and "inanisuffocate." 

Earlier this year, Cartoon decided to try her luck in music and she dived right into the arena.

She became the latest Kenyan musician after releasing her music video, 'Kamkora,' in February.

Turns out the comedian wasn't playing about setting the pace for the Kenyan music industry. Two months after releasing her first single she's dropped another single titled 'Wacheni Jokes.'

In less than 24 hours the song has gathered over 39 thousand views, 5.7 likes, and over 700 comments.

People took to social media to share their thoughts on the new song and it seems everyone is rooting for Kenyan  Cardi C - as some of her fans have resulted in calling her.

Teddybear Thuo: Have listened to this more than twice. Eish you killed it

Langat: Cartoon's transition from one style of art to another is smooth. The girl is multi-talented no lie. Kudos!!

Lucy Maina: She's so talented,waiting for more

Johna Kaff Tv: I think this Cartoon can do well in music than comedy....this the 2nd track have had from her and wot I can say she's already owning the crown of a queen in rap.

Maureen Mugo: The song is on a next level ️️siz we need more of this good job gal,

prettydiva 254: Another banger..Nice rap,, nice vocals yani iko

Jay: The way she switched flows that's talent

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