Harmonize reveals plans to do a collabo with Embarambamba

Harmonize is impressed by Embarambamba's uniqueness

• Harmonize desires to meet Embarambamba at the Africa Moja concert that will be held at KICC on Saturday. 

• Harmonize warned Embarambamba not to make him run. 

to work on a collabo
Harmonize and Embarambamba to work on a collabo
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Tanzanian singer Harmonize has announced plans to do a music collabo with controversial Gusii gospel artiste Embarambamba.

In an interview with Willy Mtuva, the Kwangwaru hitmaker expressed his desire to meet Embarambamba at the Africa Moja concert that will be held at KICC on Saturday, April 30. 

"I wanna see him...he is just unique. He has no time for bad energy, he is just unique and will make you laugh," Harmonize said will breaking into laughter. 

He further revealed his wish to d a collabo with the bend this way hitmaker. 

"We have to do music together, but he shouldn't make me run." 

Harmonize will be headlining the Afica Moja concert where other Kenyan artists are expected to perform.

On his part, Embarambamba has been a topic of discussion due to his comical acts in his music videos. 

He is fond of running like a mad man, tossing himself inside muddy terrains while singing gospel songs. 

Embarambamba's latest hit is a song to mourn the late retired President Mwai Kibaki. 

In the short tribute, Embarambamba sings;

"Kifo eeh Kifo! Kifo umechukua Kibaki wapi?” Embarambamba sings in a video shot in a maize plantation. 

However, he could not get to parliament buildings to pay his tribute to Kibaki who lied in state for 3 days. 

"I am in Kisii and I am not able to even come and view our President's body in Parliament." 

Due to his dramatic artists, the singer has been banned from performing in official government functions. 

"The last time Uhuru came to Kisii, I was told to reduce my drama as they were afraid I would cause tension. Am just a cool person and I know how to handle myself. Given a chance, I will be very cool," he told Mpasho.

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