• True love could be something hard to see in someone.

• Most people have their own beliefs related to dating that sabotage their chances of finding love.

Dating myths

Having that one significant other that you so much love is fun, but when it comes to dating, we have different preferences on how things should be.

Most people have their own beliefs related to dating that sabotage their chances of finding love. Below are some of the myths that keep you from finding love. You should look so deeply into these.

 Myth 1.   A woman should play hard to get to find a perfect partner 

First, there is no perfect partner, every person has their good and bad sides. If you act uninterested the man will assume that you are not interested since they also have to gather a lot of courage before they approach.

Everyone loves people who seem to be friendly and approachable, it gives you the respect of its own.

 Myth 2. You will not know or know love at first sight

It is important to listen to your hunches, do not be so quick to judge, good things sometimes take time but some come real quick so it does not depend on how well you have known someone or how soon you met them to know about them.

This sets up a disaster. It is your intuition that will guide you in the right direction.

 Myth 3. To find true love, have a great number of significant others before making a choice 

We are taught that the larger number of mates the greater your chances of finding love. These lies draw single people away from finding love and make them have a negative attitude toward love.

I mean who would want a squad of men in her life in the name of looking for love, I would get scared too if that was the method to finding love or to dating.

Looking deeply into these three myths would probably give you a reason why you are still stagnant in finding love.

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