Bahati in talks with Jubilee, vows not to contest as an independent candidate

Bahati says his opponent has not worked for the people.

•Bahati says Mathare people want him, that is why he was awarded the nomination certificate.

• His video pushed the party to consider negotiating with ODM on the same issue. 

during his press conference
Bahati crying during his press conference
Image: Wilfred Nyangaresi

Mathare  MP aspirant Kevin Mbuvi alias Bahati has stated that he won't be vying on an independent ticket.

This was after he was allegedly asked to hand back the nomination ticket for the seat by Jubilee party.

Speaking during an interview with Ann Njogu on Radio Maisha, he said;

"I have never had the dream to become a politician, but I have always wanted to change people's lives. Mathare is where I was born and raised, it is the place that made me who I am.

We have been wanting and crying for change. If I can do something to better the lives of people in Mathare, why not go for it. Mathare people are going through the same problems I went through more than 20 years ago."

He further added;

"Half of the people I was in the same class with in high school are dead because of involving themselves in crime. The nominations were tough because I was competing against veteran politicians.

I thank the people of Mathare for voting for me, that is why I was awarded the nomination certificate.

It is even worse when you are being told to step down for someone who has not worked for the people."

Bahati says that his video pushed the party to consider negotiating with ODM on the same issue.

"I have renegotiated with the party, I acknowledge the secretary-general and Kanini Kega for giving me a listening ear.

I am hopeful that they will allow me to go to the ballot. I am not buying the independent card because that is like betraying my party.

I also believe my party will not betray the young people. Nothing has been talked to me officially for me to hand in my nomination. I believe they will hand in my name to IEBC." 

According to Kanini Kega, the party had to recall the certificate for the Mathare Parliamentary seat as a result of their agreement with ODM in the Azimio la Umoja coalition. 

In an interview on Inooro TV, Kanini said that ODM questioned their decision to hand Bahati the certificate yet Mathare was known to be an ODM stronghold.

"ODM reached out to us asking why we decided to field a candidate in a constituency that was settled on as their stronghold. 

 They stated they already have a candidate for Mathare (Tom Oluoch) who will be defending his seat, so we had to pull out of the race," he said. 

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