• Khaligraph's song, 'Maombi ya Mama', is a dedication to his parents.

• Khaligraph decided to honour Kenya's third president in his own unique and special way.

Khaligraph Jones
Khaligraph Jones

Rapper Khaligraph Jones, has postponed the release of his much-anticipated music video for his song, 'Maombi ya Mama'.

Khaligraph was set to release the music video for the song, which is on his most recent album, ‘Invisible Currency’, this Wednesday. 

Taking to Instagram, the 'Mazishi' hitmaker said that the video will instead be dropped on May 5.  

"Maombi Ya Mama, was supposed to drop this week but we had to postpone it to next week after losing a National Hero (R.I.P Kibaki) on Wednesday. We go Live on YouTube, Meanwhile, Keep on Streaming invisible Currency, #respecttheogs," he said.

Khaligraph's song, Maombi ya Mama, is a dedication to his parents.

In it, he addressed how his dad passed on due to high blood pressure since his family couldn't afford medical treatment.

"There was a time there was no light in the tunnel. Generational curses result in death. Diabetes and blood pressure will murder you if you don’t have money,” he rapped.

Khaligraph added that he also contemplated suicide since he had given up in life but prayers helped him push through. He urged his fans to keep strong coz winners never quit.

"This am saying since it is something I have experienced. My dad was a victim and died due to the sickness, all along we were trapped in the system and hoped for the best. I am telling you things I have not talked about so you understand why I value prayers. Keep strong real winners don’t quit. I contemplated suicide since I had given up on life. Eventually, I pulled through. Where I am today is due to my mom’s prayers."

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