Kamene-Stop hunting your friends' lovers

Kamene believes love pirates are always bound to lose

Piece by: brian ndung'u

• Obinna says your friend shouldn't stop you from finding your husband.

• Kamene's advice to lovers is to simply keep off their friends' lovers.

looking gorgeous in make up and loop earrings
Kamene Goro looking gorgeous in make up and loop earrings
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In today's The Morning Kiss, Kamene and Obinna touched on an interesting topic regarding people who go after their friends' lovers, behind their backs.

Obinna narrated how one lady has been eyeing her friend's man. According to the lady, she loves how the friend's man treats her, and she believes if she gets him, then she will get to enjoy such privileges.

In fact, she confessed to stealing the man's number from her friend's phone in a bid to kick-start her intentions. 

While Kamene saw the many wrongs in all that, Obinna didn't and had some bold advice for the mama, "Your friend should not stop you from getting your husband."

Kamene thought otherwise; "Let me tell you if he was meant to be your husband he would have been with you first and not your friend. Number two 'cause I know a lot of babes like these."

She added, "Please know that he will not treat you the same way or better than he treated your friend. So if you are going there waiting for the princess treatment he gave your friend, you will not get it."

One of the reasons Kamene cited included, "You are outmaneuvering your opponent and since the person loved your friend first, then you will have to convince them to love you."

She says the best thing to do is to stop the mkatiano between you and your friend's lover because you might succeed at first but you are prone to losing a lot in the long run.

Kamene has always been at the forefront in advising both men and women to keep off other people's lovers and work on molding the one you have into being the perfect person for you.

Speaking about flirting while being in a relationship, the Kiss FM host says if she ever caught her man doing so she'll kick him to the curbs. 

"One of the bottom lines for me is hygiene kama hauko msafi get away from me. Another thing I would never tolerate is infidelity. If I catch you flirting with another babe kanyaga," Kamene said.

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