• Obinna disagreed with Otile's point saying most artistes who have money do not get it from music but from their other businesses they operate.

Oga Obinna and Kamene Goro
Image: Instagram

Kiss FM'S Kamene and Obinna have reacted to an ongoing discussion about who has money and who does not have it in the music industry.

Digital Creator @silva_kido made a post claiming most Kenyans don't understand what showbiz is all about.

 "Kenyan artists don't understand showbiz industry anytime they see a camera wanahepa."


Comedian Mathenge then reacted saying most Kenyan creatives are broke.

This touched a few and Otile being among them, defended artiste saying Kenyan artists are among the most successful and rich in Africa.

During the Morning Kiss, Obinna disagreed with Otile's point of view saying most artistes who have money do not get it from music but from the other businesses they operate.

"The ones that have money are not making money from the music, most of them have a business somewhere, like, KRG has several, Willy Paul has a studio..."

Kamene on the other side said some get good gigs and that is how they make money.

"I know some make money from shows like Mejja is always booked all over the country. Khaligraph is also doing shows. When he is booked he is making money."

Kamene added that having money or being broke is a non-issue and celebs should not focus on that.

"Let's just stop catching feelings. Whether you have money or not, it is a non-issue. Celebs, us guys like you, because you are celebs and not because of how much you are making. Even if you are broke, we will still love you. You are our celebs."

"We don't expect anyone to have money. We are all broke. Just do you, and show us how you do you. Be easy as having money in Kenya is not easy.

Kamene described Mejja as a humble artist to whom many fans relate.

"He does not walk around with bouncers. Give us good music."

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