• Stivo Simple boy is now raking in money from his own newly launched cloth line.

Stivo Simple Boy
Stivo Simple Boy

Stephen Atieno Odera popularly known as Stivo Simple Boy has launched his own clothing line called, "Freshi Barida".

Through his Instagram, the soft-spoken artist announced to his fans that his merchandise was out and ready for the market.

Stivo posted the pictures of himself wearing the merchandise as he requested his fans to support him by buying them.

According to the post, the Kibera-based artist will be selling high-quality hoods at Ksh 2500, normal quality hoods at Ksh2000, and T-shirts at Ksh 1000.

He also stated that there will be no delivery fee and that payment was to be done once you receive your item.

The business-minded artist also shared his sales manager's contact for inquiries and purchases which is 0701210698.

He went ahead and shared a video clip of himself, his manager, and Mavo on the beat celebrating his brand at the Black Market Records.

Most of his fans were impressed as they sent their congratulatory messages and made orders from all over the country.

This is the second time the 'Mihadarati' crooner is launching his own cloth line which is a great achievement for him.

In September 2021, Stivo launched his first cloth line carrying his name and a signature drop line, "Ndio maanake".

He sold T-shirts and caps with his face printed on the T-shirts and his own unique catchphrase on the caps.

By opening a second clothesline, Stivo will most hopefully increase his income.

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