• Sometimes just the mention of the words blind dates set terror in the heart of singles.

• Power of body language cues makes  a blind date go better

Blind dates can make one go back into the dating arena if they happen to have lost hope on the same. The first smiles, body language, the broadness tells it all.

Before the internet, family members would set blind dates for singles where you could go meet someone for the first time, not knowing anything about them or knowing too little.

After the internet, an online search can help you know so much about a person in a few minutes though taking big risks every time coz the information given could be erroneous.

You swipe up to someone’s photo and agree to meet up. Blind dating can be convenient for those with busy lifestyles when they cannot spend time trying to find a date and searching about them online which could actually be risky, it can be much easier having a blind date set for them.

Meeting someone new in your life is an advantage that blind dating offers. This helps in finding out various things that are really out there.

The dates can be of fun even if the person you go out on a date with turns out not to be your perfect match.

If nothing grows from it, then making a new friend is marvelous.

It can help you get back into the dating arena if you had recently gotten out of a long relationship or lost confidence in yourself.

The opportunity of meeting your perfect match cannot be on the first date although it is possible. And it is better to go on that blind date without expectations of finding ‘the one'. Just like any other date blind dates can also turn out to be a disaster.

There is absolutely nothing wrong if things don’t work out since it is not going to be a colleague you are going to date so do not worry about dealing with seriously awkward situations thereafter in the future.

In my opinion, singles should consider blind dates.

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