Suzanna Owiyo advises ladies to embrace their bodies

What's with the fake butt? Suzanna's question to ladies


• Luo musician Suzanna Owiyo advices ladies to stop using fake butt, it is stressful 

Luo musician Suzanna Owiyo has advised her female fans who asked why she is not getting old.

According to 'Kisumu' hitmaker, ladies should take care of their bodies to always look young and beautiful. 

She told young ladies that she will only respond to why she is not getting old when they start appreciating their bodies as they are, whether small or big.

"I will answer you when you start appreciating your butts, big/small/flat." Suzanne's post reads.

According to the Luo musician, getting an artificial butt is stressful and living a fake life. 

"What's with the fake butts anyway?" Suzanna questioned to ladies.

Suzzana says being called analogue for speaking facts will not affect her so long as she is not in support of having a fake derriere.

"Fake butt pads, butt silicone, buttocks shaper panty ...blah blah .. Acheni kujipatia stress haziko. (Stop getting yourselves stressed)  Gels! Learn to love & embrace your body, it's the most amazing thing you'll ever own. Call me Analogue but Fake b** issa NO," Suzanna wrote.

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