• Witchdoctor gave Wema Sepetu strict instructions

Wema sepetu
Wema sepetu

Tanzanian beauty queen says some of her friends have in the past influenced her to seek the help of a witch doctor.

This, she says, was after she felt like was becoming difficult and was seeking a solution.

"Yes, I went to the witch doctor. I am black and white and I don't lie. There's a time in life, you feel if you do that, you will succeed in something. In your human mind, you think there's nothing else that can help."

"When someone gives you that suggestion, you feel you should do it."

Sepetu said there were no results as she did not follow the instructions.

"I was given very strict instructions. I believe in God and in prayer. People might say to you that prayers take long and that you should boost them."

She came into the limelight in 2006 when she has crowned Miss Tanzania. Since then, she has made headlines with her lifestyle, career and love life.

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