Diamond confirms Rayvanny's exit from WCB

•Rayvanny was the second artiste signed under WCB after Harmonize

Tanzania's bongo artist Rayvanny

Diamond Platnumz has hinted that an artiste from his record label will exit WCB this year. His sentiments come days after Rayvanny removed the words 'Signed under WC' from his social media.

The rumours went viral last year that the singer had planned to leave WCB.

"This year, there are other artists that will leave WCB to do their own things. I will support them. We can't always have the same artiste in Wasafi," said Diamond in a BBC interview

The singer added that he will be signing two new artists this year. A source told Mpasho.co.ke that Rayvanny has intended to leave the label but doesn't have enough money to pay them.

"He has to buy his name, his music, his social media and get rights to everything that involves music. It is a lot of money and he currently can't pay such kinda money to them."

Asked about Harmonize, Diamond said;

"I never responded to his bad-mouthing. What saddens me is the fact that you have to verbally abuse me for you to get the attention of fans. Let us not break the respect."

"People signed by Harmonizes are like my grandchildren. I am happy that I lifted someone who then lifted others. And we continue to lift other people."

Diamond wants to emulate the Nigerian music industry.

"As Wasafi, we are very keen on the music business. We want to be like Nigerians, right now you can't say which is the biggest artiste in Nigeria."

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