• Lulu Hassan told her fans how much her Instagram page costs for small advertisers.
• Lulu Hassan's rates are fair compared to other major brand influencers.

Lulu Hassan smiling
Image: Instagram

Lulu Hassan celebrated the birthday of her wonderful husband yesterday. But that wasn't what really got my eye about her social media posts yesterday.

The mother of 3 finally revealed the cost it would take for a person to advertise on her Instagram page which has over 1.3 million followers.

She replied, "5k per post per photo for 24 hours." Her price is really fair considering the huge number of followers she has.

Not only that. Lulu has a dedicated fan base that is highly engaged with her content, something advertisers normally look for.

How does Lulu's price compare to someone like brand influencer, Azziad Nasenya, whose bread and butter largely comes from her social media presence? Last year, the TikTok queen revealed her rates and they are eye-watering.

An advertiser would have to dish out Ksh.100,000 for a video on her Instagram feed, while an InstaStory would cost Ksh 50,000 and a similar amount if you wanted her to push anything on Instagram Live.

On Twitter, Azziad would charge Ksh 50,000 per tweet, while on Facebook it would cost Ksh 100,000 per post, Ksh 50,000 for a placement ad, and Ksh 30,000 to be in her mentions.

On YouTube, Azziad was charging Ksh.100,000 for a video, Ksh 50,000 for placement, and Ksh 30,000 for mentions.

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