Dancer Moya David given 200k birthday surprise

Moya David who surprises people was finally the one getting surprised


• Moya David got a surprise for his birthday celebration from Moifa Beauty.

• The viral dancer was overjoyed by warm gestures from his fans and friends who were there to help him celebrate his big day.

Moya David received a cheque worth Ksh 200, 000 Ksh as a birthday gift from the Moifa Beauty house. He says that was the best birthday gift he received on his birthday.

The viral dancer posted a video of him receiving his big cheque from the Moifa beauty. He is known for putting smiles on people's faces but this time it was his turn to smile. 

In the video shared on his social media accounts, Moya could be seen pulling off his signature dance moves along with four other ladies who were also there to make his birthday great.

As seen in the clip, the internet sensation was accompanied to the dance floor where they were showing their dance moves.

Moya thanked his fans and friends for making his birthday great. Captioning the clip he wrote,

"This was how my birthday went down, thanks to all my fans and friends who showed up, it was, it was massive."

In another video, the undoubtedly amazed Moya added,

"This Was one of the Best Birthday surprise Gift From @moifabeautyhouse 200K cheque. The surprise finally Got Surprised Thank you so much at Moifa beauty house And to all my fans & friends who came Through for my party."

Moya David then concluded that this was one of the best birthday celebrations he had had. According to him, his fans and friends made it possible.

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