Sandra Dacha and Akuku Danger
Sandra Dacha and Akuku Danger
Image: Courtesy

Award-winning Kenyan actress Sandra Dacha took to her Instagram to thank God and celebrate her boyfriend, Churchill show comedian Akuku Danger as they marked 3 months since he'd been discharged from the hospital.

She posted a very romantic video of the two of them lovingly looking at one another while talking, they share a joke which has Sandra all giggly and blushing.

She then lovingly holds Akuku and proceeds to tidy his shirt.

She captioned the video "It has been 3 months since he was discharged from the hospital. Look at him! God is truly great!

Her post went on to read, " appetite ya chakula na CHAKULA ndio ako nayo miiiingi somebody needs to stop him." Accompanied by laughing emojis.

If you don't get it, forget about it.

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