Comedian turned political aspirant Jalango
Image: Instagram

Popular actor, comedian, and radio presenter now turned political aspirant Felix Odiwour, popularly known as Jalongo or Jalas has come out to address allegations that he's on one of the world's most popular dating sites, Tinder.

Jalango posted a screenshot of the app's profile where apparently a 30-year-old who refers to himself as Peter is currently using Jalango's picture on his profile. Probably in an attempt to pass himself off as the comedian.

He captioned the screenshot, "Someone tell Peter to stop playing..." accompanied with laughing emojis.

Image: Instagram

Apparently, a catfish on the app has been using the comedian's pictures for dubious activities. Because why else would one feel the need to catfish?

Ironically the catfish decided to use a different profile name as opposed to the photos of the man's identity he'd just stolen. Quite dumb on his part, because if you're going to use a public figure then you have to play it right!

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