Ladies hitting on me cause of my new hairstyle-Kabi WaJesus admits

Kabi WaJesus has been flaunting a new blonde hair-do

• Kabi WaJesus shocked many Kenyans when he showed off his new hairstyle.
• Kabi WaJesus has however decided to change the style after much consultation.

with the blonde do
Kabi WaJesus with the blonde do
Image: Instagram

Kabi WaJesus changed up his hairstyle this past week. The content creator debuted a new blonde look that divided many of his fans and followers.

But according to him, the new look is making female fans hit on him. He posted this information in a hilarious video he posted. Check it out below:

But a few hours later, Kabi made an abrupt about-turn saying that after making extensive consultations he would be changing the hairstyle.

In the Instagram video, the father of 3 said,

"Hi, guys I have a very important announcement to make. After deep thought and consulting with my wife, my family, my children and my entire online family."


"I have come to the conclusion that I will no longer keep this hair. I am going to shave it. I am going to put it down. So if you're out there and you had tried to talk to me out of this hairstyle, you win. So thank you so much to all the lovers of the hairstyle. Those who have given me hope with the hairstyle, I thank you." 

The video is below;

Oddly enough, his own wife, Milly WaJesus was one of the people who wasn't enamored by his new blonde hair-do. She responded to his video with a giddy, "Finally."


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