• I had invited some friends among them Sleepy David, Chipukeezy, Teacher Wanjiku among others-Milly Chebby

Milly Chebby with hubby Terence Creative
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Content creator, Milly Chebby, has narrated how a surprise birthday party she had planned for her husband Terence flopped.

Chebby says she was hurt because of the great extent she had gone to prepare for the event.

Sharing her experience via her YouTube channel, the mother of one said, 

"I had planned on surprising him on his 27th birthday. I borrowed 5000 which I was to pay with an interest from my colleague. I baked a cake, bought some meat and cooked.

My friend bought Terence a gift, I also bought him a T-shirt. Terence never showed up. I had invited some friends among them Sleepy David, Chipukeezy, Teacher Wanjiku among others."

Chebby says that after her bae failed to show up the visitors ate and left only for Terence to come back at 2 am.

"We ate all the food and finished. He came back home at midnight carrying 5 liters of wine. Every time someone opened the door we would say surprise only to see it was not him. It was very embarrassing. I don't think it will surprise me again."

Defending himself Terence says he was riding in a friend's car which ended up stalling at some point.

"I went with Collo as he had told me to go pick some wine from his house. At some point his car stalled. We pushed the car at night. I had wanted to surprise her with the 5 liters of wine. There is something that offended me about the birthday although I have never said it.

I was offended because it was a time when I was struggling with quitting cigarettes then someone brought me a box of cigarettes as a gift."

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