Surgery for what? Azziad claps back at naysayers


•Tiktoker Azziad Nasenya is currently enjoying her vacation in Turkey.

Azziad Nasenya
Image: Instagram

The sensational queen of Tiktok Azziad Nasenya is pissed after a fan accused her of visiting Turkey for plastic surgery.

The Tiktoker is currently on a vacation in Turkey taking her time off and visiting the beautiful sites in the country.

She has been posting photos and videos of these sites sharing her experience and the beauty of these sites.

It was in one of her stories that fans attacked her by accusing her of visiting Turkey to make changes to her body.

eid_joozey3: Turkey unaenda kufanya surgery (You went to turkey for surgery).

jepkogei_beauty: Need to visit there soon. My tummy needs some tuck in. Otherwise looking good

sophysamba9: Akirudi atakua na mwili mpya na roho mpya uvumbini tumetoka na tutarudi amin.

(Once she comes back, she will have a new body and soul and from dust, we shall return, Amen!)

Clapping back at their hateful comments the Tiktoker told them to stop making assumptions about her trip.

Azziad Nasenya Screenshot
Image: Instagram

She told her haters to change their mentality on Turkey and what normally goes on in the country.

"Who said visiting Turkey has to be about making our bodies and surgeries," she asked.

She spoke about body positivity and how people most people are comfortable with their body shape and sizes.

"Some of us love our bodies and appreciate them and would never change a thing," she noted.

She concluded by telling the naysayers to wake up and explore the world as we are in a different century.

"It's 2022, wake up..people are travelling the world it is a tourist country,"

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